Anonymous said:  Even if Paul is dead, doesn't that mean the fake is just as good a songwriter considering his solo career?

Personally, I don’t think Faul is a very good musician. 

30 July 2013 ♥ 1

Anonymous said:  Have you heard the theory that John Lennon was killed because he was going to tell?

Yes, I have. I think it has some merit to it. Do you?

30 July 2013 ♥ 1

Anonymous said:  How dare you tell me that I'm not a true Paul fan! He's my idol, and you're trying to tell me that he's dead, and fake. He's very much alive- and no matter how much you try to prove otherwise, there's always going to be a large group of people that disagree with you.

Yes, I suppose people will always disagree. But that’s not going to stop us. 

17 July 2013 ♥ 2

Anonymous said:  Why do you think Paul's dead?

Because the amount of proof is too much to simply be coincidental.

17 July 2013 ♥ 5

Anonymous said:  where is the film to premiere?

It will be available on a video streaming site TBD. We will post links when it premieres.

17 July 2013

Anonymous said:  You are being VERY disrespectful to Sir Paul McCartney! It's completely ridiculous to believe that someone could ever replicate his singing and songwriting. He's a great man who's worked nearly his entire life making great music and it's so sad to think somebody actually believes he's a fake. I honestly must say I think you or anybody that agrees with this theory is not a true Paul fan and doesn't know what they're talking about. Good day to you sir!

It’s actually not ridiculous. If it was ridiculous, the theory wouldn’t have persisted until 2013.

A true Paul fan would know the truth.

17 July 2013

emilymclennon said:  Do you REALLY for one second actually believe that Paul is dead?

For more than one second, yes.

17 July 2013

Anonymous said:  Paul is alive and he is the only one.

What about Ringo?

17 July 2013

Anonymous said:  I'm going to see his ghost on the 16th.

Congrats to you, enjoy that.

17 July 2013

Anonymous said:  you anger me so much. please just stop being a total freak.

If you’re upset by this, we suggest not visiting this blog.

24 June 2013 ♥ 1